Established early 2018. Beautiful Noise Effects is a small pedal company located and operating out of a garage in the heart of Newcastle, Australia, with a catalog of effects made to push the boundaries of conventional guitar pedals to new experimental limits, while keeping a solid backbone to the fundamentals and versatilities of traditions.

Being a one-man operation, a total DIY approach has been taken with every aspect of production. Each pedal is assembled and built by hand, with special attention paid to using quality components, eye-catching visual aesthetics and playability, with a wide spectrum of experimental capabilities.

The graphics are screen printed in house using industrial strength epoxy inks for a premium and durable finish that will hold up in the most intensive and high-energy of environments. Whether used live, in the studio, or for bedroom noise making, Beautiful Noise Effects pedals are built as a tool to inspire you to create sounds not yet ventured, explore new sonic possibilities, and make music that breaks away from the norm.


Beautiful Noise offer free repairs on all pedals sold, just contact Nick at beautifulnoiseeffects@gmail.com

Or alternatively, with any enquiries, this contact form below.